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In 1845, Iowa was the 29th state to be admitted into the Union. Ten years later, the first Warren County Fair was held October 1-2, 1855 in the southeast part of Indianola. The following year, the fair was held on 20 acres of ground that was purchased by the Warren County Agricultural Society for $320. The fairgrounds looks much different today, but it is still held at this same location. Today the fair combines youth and open class exhibits with delicious fair food, carnival rides, music and grandstand events for an annual event that is “kind of a big deal!”


2022: July 27 to August 1
2023: July 26 to July 31
2024: July 24 to July 29


Warren County Fair Officers

President: Martin Reynolds
Vice President: Larry McConnell
Secretary: Jo Reynolds, CFE
John Keeney


Allen Township: Bob Bosch, Indianola
Belmont Township: Marty Overmann, Ackworth
East Lincoln Township: Ken Core, Indianola
Greenfield Township: John Taylor, Indianola
Jackson Township: Delbert Kaldenberg, Indianola
Jefferson Township: Malinda Palmer, Indianola
Liberty Township: Pat Meade, Liberty Center
Linn Township: Dave Hansen, Norwalk
Otter Township: Bruce Brockway, Indianola
Palmyra Township: John Keeney, Carlisle
Richland Township: Chad Goodhue, Carlisle
Squaw Township: Rick Cheers, Indianola
Union Township: Justin Septer, Pleasantville
Virginia Township: Scott Wilson, New Virginia
West Lincoln Township:
Martin Reynolds, Indianola
Whitebreast Township: Larry Snuggs, Lacona
White Oak Township: Brad Kaufman, Indianola
Indianola Director-at-Large: Dave Bowlin, Zac Preston, Blake Reynolds & Larry McConnell


(Chairman in each division is the first person listed.)
Beef: Brandon Reynolds, Gene Bedwell, Brad Kaufman, Reed McCormick, Derek Hommer, Casey Cortum
Dairy Cattle: Ken Core, Dan Dykstra, Jeff Byers, Kendra Keller
Swine: Mark Goodhue, Matt McGinnis, Hunter Kingsbury, Joel Mosher, Kim DeLay
Sheep: Larry Snuggs, Randy Eubank, Genie Snuggs, Katelyn Eubank, Annie Palmer
Goats: Katelyn Eubank, Trent Butler
Bucket Calf: Ken Core & Kendra Keller
Horses: Sarlynn Heston, Mike Meyers, Ian Ackerson, Mike Perry, Jessica Ackerson, Rod Bloom
Advanced Cattle Feeders:
Brandon Reynolds, Jim Nicholls, Tom Nicholls, Kevin Smith
Dogs: Karen Dutcher, Cindy Gillenwater
Rabbits: Amy Jakes, Grace Jakes
4-H Poultry: Marty Overmann, Jason Fantz
Open Poultry: Phyllis Essick, Melinda Davis
4-H Livestock Auction: John Dittmer, John Keeney, Kevin Smith, Adam Brummer, Brandon Smith, Tom Nicholls
Agricultural: Galyn Bedwell, Kirk Bedwell
Culinary: Kathy Overmann, Dave Hansen
Textile: Nancy DeLay, Susan Brockway
Genealogy: Carla Anders, Larry Burt
Fine Art: Malinda Palmer
Creative Art: Ronda Kaldenberg
Flowers: Sharon Weeks, Jenny Messer
Amphitheater & Tickets: Kendra Keller, Bob Bosch, Chad Goodhue
Grandstand Entertainment: Blake Reynolds, Amy Fredricks, Brandon Gavin, Tom Nicholls, Josh Jensen, Nathan Fredricks
Free Stage: Pat Meade, Cindy Gillenwater, Lisa Gray
Fair Queen Contest: Sheila Miller, Amber Martin
Buildings/Grounds/Maintenance: Blake Reynolds, Zac Preston, Bryan Lester, Cutler Palar, Brandon Reynolds, Brad Kaufman
Official Warren County Fair Veterinarians: Indianola Vet Clinic — Dr. Brennan, Dr. Stumpf, Dr. Sandy, Dr. Korver

The Warren County Fairgrounds is a privately owned and operated facility and the following are NOT allowed: pets, weapons, alcohol, skateboards, roller blades, hover boards, metal detectors, & solicting without permission.
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