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The Warren County Fair is ran by a Board of Directors from all Warren County Townships.

Warren County Fair Officers

President-Dave Hansen
Vice President-Larry McConnell
Secretary-Jo Reynolds
Treasurer-John Keeney


Allen Township, Bob Bosch, Carlisle
Belmont Township, Chuck Cleveland, Milo
East Lincoln Township, Ken Core, Indianola
Greenfield Township
Jackson Township, Doyle Jacobs, St. Charles
Jefferson Township, Barry Tlach, Prole
Liberty Township, Pat Meade, Milo
Linn Township, Dave Hansen, Norwalk
Otter Township, Michelle Moon, Indianola
Palmyra Township, John Keeney, Carlisle
Richland Township, Chad Goodhue
Squaw Township, Rick Cheers, Indianola
Union Township, Verle McGraw, Pleasantville
Virginia Township, Mike Erwin, New Virginia
West Lincoln Township, Martin Reynolds, Indianola
Whitebreast Township, Larry Snuggs, Lacona
White Oak Township, Merrill Butler, Indianola
Indianola Director-at-Large, Blake Reynolds, Indianola
Indianola Director-at-Large, Dave Bowlin, Indianola
Indianola Director-at-Large, Zachary Preston, Indianola
Chamber of Commerce, Larry McConnell

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