Warren County Fairgrounds
Hwy. 92 West • Indianola, Iowa 50125
Fair Office: 515-961-5861
Jo Reynolds, CFE, Manager   515-961-6687

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Warren County Fair Officers
President: Dave Hansen
Vice President: Larry McConnell
Secretary: Jo Ellen Reynolds
Treasurer: John Keeney

Allen Township: Bob Bosch, Indianola
Belmont Township: Chuck Cleveland, Milo
East Lincoln Township: Ken Core, Indianola
Greenfield Township: Jim Schimelfenig, Indianola
Jackson Township: Doyle Jacobs, St. Charles
Jefferson Township: Barry Tlach, Prole
Liberty Township: Bob Byers, Liberty Center
Linn Township: Dave Hansen, Norwalk
Otter Township: Michelle Moon, Indianola
Palmyra Township: John Keeney, Carlisle
Richland Township: Don Onstot, Carlisle
Squaw Township: Jeremy Snow, Indianola
Union Township: Verle McGraw, Pleasantville
Virginia Township: Mike Erwin, New Virginia
West Lincoln Township: Martin Reynolds, Indianola
Whitebreast Township: Larry Snuggs, Lacona
White Oak Township: Merrill Butler, Indianola
Indianola Director-at-Large: Dave Bowlin, Blake
Reynolds & Pat Meade
Chamber of Commerce: Larry McConnell

Advisory Members

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(Chairman in each division is the first person listed.)

Market Beef: Barry Tlach, Gary Thompson,
Bruce Brockway, Wes Rodgers, Jay Smith
Breeding Beef: Dave Bowlin, David Leih,
Gene Bedwell, Dan Dittmer, Marvin Spear, Lacey Lester
Feeder Calf: Dave Bowlin, David Leih, Gene Bedwell,
Dan Dittmer, Marvin Spear, Lacey Lester
Dairy Cattle: Ken Core, Dan Dykstra,
Jeff Byers, Jim Schimelfenig, Kendra Core
Swine: Mark Goodhue, Gary Dittmer, Allison Henry,
Matt McGinnis, Hunter Kingsbury
Sheep: Larry Snuggs, Mike Goodhue,
Randy Eubank, Genie Snuggs
Goats: Jeremy and Marta Snow
Bucket Calf: Ken Core & Kendra Core
Horses: Stephanie Santi, Sarlynn Heston,
Marilyn Hintz, Cindy Johnson, Mike Perry
Advanced Cattle Feeders: Jim Nicholls,
Tom Nicholls, Kevin Smith, Brandon Reynolds
Proficiency Award Committee: Warren County Cattlemen
Dogs: Karen Dutcher, Cindy Gillenwater
Rabbits: Penny Braun,
4-H Poultry: David James, Marty Overmann
Open Poultry: Al Nichols, Nancy Dean
4-H Livestock Auction: Dave Bowlin, John Dittmer, Jim Nicholls,
John Keeney, Kevin Smith, Adam Brummer, Brandon Smith
4-H & FFA Division: County 4-H Youth Committee & FFA Advisors
Agricultural: Galyn Bedwell, Kirk Bedwell
Culinary: Janet Keeney, Janet Moser
Textile: Nancy DeLay and Annette Hansen
Genealogy: Brenda Morganm, Brenda King
Fine Art: Amy Tlach, Mekenze Cortum
Creative Art: Michelle Moon
Flowers: Polly Glascock and Chelsey Souder
Amphitheater & Tickets: Mike Erwin, Jeremy & Marta Snow
Concessions (Machinery): Chuck Cleveland,
Bob Byers, John Perry, Jeff Gibson, Allen Read
Police and Parking: Sheriff
Tractor/Pick-up/Hot Rod Pull: Chuck Cleveland,
Toby Vanderpool, Rod Cambron, Norville Houston,
Tom Nicholls, Ron Hutchison
Friends of 4-H Stage: Pat Meade, Cindy Gillenwater
Fair Queen Contest: Sheila Miller, Amber Martin
Buildings/Grounds/Maintenance: Blake Reynolds, Zac Preston,
Bryan Lester, Casey Brown, Brandon Reynolds, Jeff Gibson

Official Warren County Fair Veterinarians:
Indianola Vet Clinic — Dr. Brennan, Dr. Freese, Dr. Platts, Dr. Albrecht


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